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Do men and women grieve differently?  Do different cultures grieve in different ways?  Do different families observe different grieving practices?  The answer to these questions is yes and no.  Funeral practices throughout the world, and edicts about how the dead should be treated vary from place to place.  Grief itself is something that in many ways is universal and has to be experienced and not…

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Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets

Keeping secrets, especially dangerous ones is unhealthy.  In my last post I wrote about the secret of child abuse.  But there are other secrets that are worth being uncovered.  In my partner’s family, he has two grown daughters.  Two weeks into knowing him he told me that his children were likely not his.  His wife had an affair etc etc.  Well you know the story.

So two grown women have two…

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#I Stand with Dylan

Between the ages of about 4 and ten I was systematically sexually abused by my maternal grandfather.  I also slept in the same bed with my youngest aunt as a child and witnessed him sexually abused her, she would have been about 12 to 15.

When I was 19…

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